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Drawing the map

Anaheim Small Business Organization (SBO) started a few years ago to provide a friendly home for the mutual support of – guess what? Small Businesses! Who would have thought that a “small business” is considered to be any company with an annual revenue not exceeding about $7 million and no more than 500 employees? Sounds pretty big to me. Well, the definition varies depending on your type of business – but for Anaheim purposes this will do.

How about this? We are the Alt-Chamber of Commerce! After a not so glorious couple of years, we have now got our act together, with a new President (Attorney Doug Pettibone), a new board, new ideas and new determination.

Clearly, we want you to join. Hundreds of you. At $175 a year, it’s not expensive. And being a non-profit nobody makes any money off this. We are all ardent volunteers. Find the Welcome Package for new members HERE.

What do you get for your membership? Access to an amazing array of business advice, breakfast networking events, contact with other like-minded businesses and – I mean this – you get to help draw the map for how Anaheim SBO should be as we develop this new Alt-Chamber!

So who is the “we?” The Board, the members — with a public image projected through Facebook, a website, and occasional meetings. Since we are in our infancy, we are very small. And we really need your ideas and energy to help build this organization into a community of businesses that really counts for something in Anaheim.

This is our first blog, so we’ll keep it frustratingly brief!


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